Exploring Excellence: Luminary Syner-D Massage Chair Review by Dr. Alan Weidner

Dr. Alan Weidner, a chiropractor and owner of Massage Chair Relief, reviews the New Infinity Luminary Syner-D Flex Track Massage Chair with our VP of Sales and Business Development, Michael Milone. 

The Luminary's unique Flex-Track combines the coverage of an L-Track with the stretching capabilities of an S-Track massage chair. Together, they create a massage experience like no other. Complementing its state-of-the-art massage technology, the Complete Calf™ Kneading + Oscillation, combines with the Triple Roller, Total Sole Reflexology, to gently soothes the lower body and provides the ultimate foot massage. The intuitive interface of the Luminary’s stylish touch screen tablet controller lets one easily navigate and operate one's chair. The new Infinity Control feature allows one to have complete custom control over one's massage experience.

"The Flex Track Technology is the future for massage chairs with this split flex track idea, said Weidner. "I love the idea. I think it's extremely innovative and it's a game changer in our industry. I really like this chair, it's a good package with all the latest technology. Plus, it has the memory function and kneading and oscillating of the calf airbags. Those are features that we don't see in other split track chairs."

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