Decoding Quality: Dr. Alan Weidner Unveils the True Value of Massage Chairs – Explore Why You Get What You Pay For!

Buyers Guide to Choosing the Perfect Massage Chair

Buying a massage chair can be a difficult process. There are many factors to look into when it comes to premium features or style. Dr. Alan Weidner, Owner of has seen a lot of chairs in his day.  Among other things, like a doctor and massage chair expert, you can say he is a pro at sitting down. When he decides to stand up, it’s usually because he has something important to say. Recently he created a video comparing and contrasting an inexpensive “No-Name” massage chair found on Amazon with one of our premium chairs, the Infinity Genesis. The questions he asked at the beginning of this dissection was what is different between the two chairs and is the premium chair worth the extra money?  In other words, do you get what you pay for?  Is the difference in cost that big of a difference, or is the situation actually more like comparing the Bissell zing vacuum to a Miele powerline Vacuum.

What makes this much more Expensive?

As you can see from the video, the premium Infinity chair and the no-name chair are full size massage chairs, but that is where the similarities end.  The cheap chair is a glorified massaging seat topper with stationary spinning disks, sure to leave a mark after just a few minutes.  The Infinity Genesis is a true robotic therapy machine that provides complete neck to toes coverage and has the build quality required for years of reliable service.  As stated in the video, the cheaper chair has different sets of rotating nodes that will rub against the users back leaving 4-6 inch gaps.   The Infinity Genesis has a 3D roller mechanism that runs along a 49” L shaped track. This allows continuous massage along the entirety of the back massage. When looking at the materials that each chair is built from, the cheaper chair is made out of cheaper materials, this makes sense and is exactly what you’d expect. Predominantly compressed wood and plastic, this chair is built to hit a low price. The concern being longevity of the chair with these materials, how long will it last? The premium chair on the other hand is constructed from mostly metal, with a molded plastic shell. This supports the mechanisms more securely and allows for a greater weight limit on the product.

Which massage chair is best?

When it comes down to purchasing a massage chair, you have to consider a few different factors. How frequent do you need a massage, what are your problem spots, and finally what can you afford. If you are looking for frequent massages and have a problem area that is difficult or very specific then often times you will need a higher quality massage chair like the Infinity Genesis. At Infinity, our massage chairs are designed as a long term therapeutic machine, for healthier daily living.  It does cost more but over the life of the product it's worth it.  You do indeed get what you pay for.  Cheap chairs should be considered if use will be infrequent and the precision of the massage is not important.  Dr. Weidner wants consumers to be informed about what kind of massage chair they are getting.  We could not agree more and are proud to put our chair under his microscope.

See Dr. Weidner’s full video here on his youtube channel:

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