Dive Deep into the Calf Massage Chair Anatomy Video Series for Maximum Relaxation

The first in a series of videos about what to look for in a massage chair. Calf massage is one of the most important aspects of a massage. The calves do so much for your body, and you should treat them right. As a consumer, making an informed decision about how you spend your money is important.

Calf Massage

Welcome to Infinity’s massage chair anatomy video series, this week we are taking a look at calf massage. After this you should have a better idea of what calf massage does for your body, and what to look for in a massage chair for your own home.

Your body’s calf muscles are an amazing part of the body, you need them to walk, run and jump. They interact with both your knees and ankles and are incredibly powerful. But as many of us know they can become sore or injured. A constructive way to treat this is with calf massage.

Our Chairs feature airbags throughout the feet and calf that simulate human hands and provide a compression massage. Compression massages are a great way to get your blood flowing and improve circulation in the legs and feet. This extra flow of oxygen to your muscles will help flush out other bodily byproducts and could in some cases lower blood pressure.

A great compression massage requires a system of advanced airbags. Airbags on a massage chair are a series of air cells that inflate and compress. Chairs with multiple cells shape to the leg to focus on problem areas. The intensity of these rollers in Infinity’s massage chairs can easily be adjusted to better fit the user.

Certain massage chairs will feature calf roller in the back of the leg rest. These work in tandem with the air bags. Allowing for a fuller coverage of the leg and to deeply massage the calf muscle.

And The most premium massage chairs will incorporate oscillation into the calf massage. Working with the air cells this adds three dimensional movements for the deepest kneading and greatest possible relief.

Massage has been used for many years to relieve pain and speed up injuries as well as prevent injuries in active people. Your calves deserve the best, they work hard for you.

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