Dive into the Massage Chair Anatomy Video Series: 3D/4D Massage

People often wonder what 3D and 4D massage means when it comes to massage chairs. So in this installment of the Massage Chair Anatomy Video Series, we hope to answer that question!

This week we are going to take a look at 3D and 4D massage functions on a massage chair so that after this you should have a better understanding of what a true 3D/4D massage can do for your body, and better understanding of what to look for in a massage chair for your own home.

Typically, 3D/4D massage are along the track of the massage chair. Most L-track massage chairs will have a range that will allow rollers to reach from your neck all the way down to your glutes. This range of muscles include the Extensor muscles along the back of the spine, the flexor muscles along the front of the spine, and the oblique muscles along the sides of the spine. Each of these play an important role in allowing you to move, twist, and bend. These muscles can tighten up or cause back pain do to chronic stress or be inflamed because of exertion. Tight muscles can prevent you from enjoying your time with family, or friends, and make even the easiest tasks unpleasant.

Normally a wide range of massage techniques would be used to reach all of the muscles that would need attention. Luckily 3D/4D massage chairs allow the rollers to change everything from the speed to the technique to the depth of the rollers. From the Long strokes and deep circular movements of a Swedish massage, to a deeper more forceful stroke of a deep tissue massage, 3D can do it all. Here at Infinity, we have a large selection of 3D/4D massage chairs that can be customized for any user.

What makes a massage chair 3D, is the movement of the rollers along three axis. Most massage chairs will move on an x and y axis, but 3D introduces that pivotal z axis, allowing the rollers to move in and out from you the user. 4D comes into play by changing the speed of the rollers, adjusting the speed of the movement of the rollers throughout the technique.

So, if you are sore, carry your stress in your back and shoulders or If you are looking to recover faster from exercise, then adding a 3D/4D massage chair could be right for you. Here at Infinity Massage Chairs we want you to keep doing the things you love. And incorporate massage into your daily routine.

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