What is Zero Gravity?

Many customers have been curious as to what zero gravity is all about!

This Infinity Massage Chair is designed to replicate the principles of zero gravity that NASA uses in all of its space capsule seats. Using a zero gravity model allows the massage chair to simulate a completely weightless experience similar to the zero gravity experience of an astronaut in space. A Zero Gravity Massage Chair allows your body to disperse all weight and tension throughout the chair, while prompting a feeling of weightlessness that relieves stress, tension, and muscle discomfort. While in the chair your legs will remain higher than the rest of your body, which greatly improves circulation and blood flow, providing the greatest amount of comfort and relaxation during the massage. The Iyashi includes Powerful airbags located in the headrest, lower waist, posterior, shoulders, arms and wrists, legs and the soles of the feet work to compress and decompress your muscles, relieve pressure and tension on the joints and alleviate stiffness. Gentle heat, soothing sound, adjustable speed, two levels of zero gravity and an audio MP3 interface combine to become the ultimate indulgence.

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