Zero Gravity Vs. Inversion Therapy

Zero Gravity & Inversion therapy, two highly demanded features in massage chairs to date, are often assumed as one in the same, where in fact, zero gravity and inversion therapy are very different from one another.

Coming from the word "inverted" meaning "turned upside down", inversion therapy is the reclining of the chair back to below horizontal, typically at 180 degrees or more. This gives one the feeling that they could slide backwards! This allows the spine to stretch out more than any other position and helps elongate the spine to relieve back pain.

Zero gravity replicates the position NASA uses in all of its space capsule seats. Using a zero gravity model allows the massage chair to simulate a completely weightless experience similar to the zero gravity experience of an astronaut in space. A Zero Gravity Massage Chair allows your body to disperse all weight and tension throughout the chair, while prompting a feeling of weightlessness that relieves stress, tension, and muscle discomfort. To feel this weightlessness, the chair only has to have a 30 degree tilt up.

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