Kick Off Your Shoes & Relax Your Feet!

Our Infinity IT-8500 consumers are raving about it's foot rollers! 

"We love the deep tissue massage that this chair provides and try to take advantage of the chair as much as we can. Also the foot rollers feel unbelievable."

What is so special about the IT-8500 foot rollers? 

The IT-8500 was designed to deliver an invigorating foot massage using 3 rollers per foot! The front and back rollers work in a front to back rolling motion soothing out all the tension built up in the heels and front of the feet. The middle roller works in a kneading motion working the toughest part of the foot, the sole. This reflexology massage helps promote blood flow and gets you back on your feet feeling refreshed instantly. You can incorporate the reflexology massage in any massage program you would like with the IT-8500 with 3 levels of intensity! Sit back, relax and enjoy the massage everyone is talking about in the industry. 


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