Experience Space!

Our Infinity IT-8800 received this wonderful review...

Exceeds my Expectations

"The first moment I sat in this chair the comfort alone was magnificent. I had chosen the refresh option and was treated to an intense yet relaxing massage that I had only experienced by a human's hands. I cannot say enough about the zero gravity option. I truly felt the pressure points in my body relieve themselves with each stroke while the feeling of almost pure weightlessness overwelmed my senses. This is a unique experience that cannot be compared in my experience. Thank you!"

What is the zero gravity position this reviewer is referring to?  

Many of our chairs, the IT-8800, IT-8500, Infinity iYashi & the IT-9800, are designed to reflect the principles of zero gravity that NASA uses in all of its space capsule seats. Using the concept of zero gravity allows the chair to mimic an unadulterated weightless experience, not unlike that which astronauts experience in space. Zero gravity will allow your body to release all weight and tension into the chair, while inducing a sense of weightlessness that relieves stress, tension and muscle discomfort. All the while, your legs will remain higher than your body to improve circulation and blood flow, which, ultimately, provides the most comfortable, and relaxing massage chair experience.


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