Unlocking Syner-D Technology: The Latest in Infinity Massage Chair Innovation

What is Syner-D™ technology? A premium feature found on our higher end chairs. What is it? How does it work? And how it benefits you. 

In this Imperial massage chair, you’ll find what’s called Syner-D technology. This system allows the chair to massage two independent regions of your body at the same time and provide full body massage coverage while giving spinal decompression.

Most massage chairs come equipped with a single massage mechanism which lets the chair massage one body area at a time. At Infinity, we developed a system that doubles the mechanisms allowing our Syner-D chairs to massage two body regions simultaneously and independently. It’s like having two massage therapists working on your body at the same time.  One can massage shoulders and the other lower back or one upper back and the other glutes.  

Syner-D also incorporates our latest Flex-track system that combines the best features of an L-track and an S-track. It provides the full body reach of an L-track with the ability to open up and stretch your spine like an S-track. The result is superior spinal decompression and full-length, neck to glutes massage coverage not found on many other massage chairs.

Syner-D is the synergy of 2 mechs on a flexing track.

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