Innovative Flex-Track Technology: A Deep Dive into Infinity Massage Chair Features

What is a Flex-Track? How does it work and how is it different from tracks found in other massage chairs. In this quick video, we'll demystify this revolutionary technology found in the most high-end Infinity massage chairs.

In the world of massage chairs, there are two main track designs: S-track and L-track.

S-track chairs follow the natural curve of your spine, offering massages for your neck, shoulders, upper, and lower back. However, they don't reach the upper legs but they can open up and stretch your back and spine.

L-track chairs have a longer track, massaging from your neck down to your glutes and hamstrings. But, they lack the flexibility to open up for back and spinal decompression like S-track chairs.

Infinity wanted the best of both worlds so we introduced the Flex-track, combining the full-body reach of an L-track with the flexibility of an S-track. Flex-track can achieve this by opening up some upon recline while allowing the massage mechanism to continue down to the gluteus region. This provides superior spinal decompression and covers your entire back, from neck to glutes, for the ultimate massage experience.

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