Your Massage Chair: A Family Affair

One of the greatest benefits of owning a massage chair is the fact that the whole family can enjoy it, which makes it a true investment. Because most high-quality massage chairs come with a range of techniques, auto programs, and manual programming ability, each family member (and friend, if you really like sharing) can enjoy the type of massage that best suits him or her.

Morning, noon, and night, your Infinity Massage Chair is there at your convenience. You can even get your family in a daily routine! Here are some ways you and your family members can each relax and reset based on your schedules.

Massage in the Morning

Most parents out there are probably used to starting their day with (highly caffeinated) coffee or tea, but a rejuvenating massage can give you a real kickstart. Plus, its effects are more powerful and last longer than caffeine. Morning massage can also ease stress and reduce that stiffness with which many of us wake up.

Kids can also benefit from a daily morning massage—after all, stress isn't only reserved for adults. A quick massage chair session can help them wake up and boost their energy. Massage has also been shown to increase brain function and aid with creative thinking. What better way is there to send them off to school?!

We know, mornings are busy times, but even a 15-minute rub-down can set a great tone for the rest of your day!

Massage in the Afternoon

Chances are the kids are at school most afternoons, leaving parents with some peace and quiet. It's the perfect time for a massage chair session to relieve any tension, stress, and/or pain from earlier errands and activities. Afternoon is a great time to take a break and refresh to help get you through the rest of the day.

Once the kids do get home from school, they can enjoy a few minutes reducing any stress and tension before hopping to their homework. Massage will help improve their brain function, thus increasing alertness, speed, and accuracy. This is exactly what they need after a full school day and before any homework or studying!

Beating that mid-day crash is easier than ever with a massage chair at the ready.

Massage in the Evening

With all of its calming benefits, it's no surprise that massage is a great sleep aid. By reducing stress, calming energetic kids, and soothing growing pains, massage prepares their bodies for sleep. It can also relieve sore muscles and increase range of motion and flexibility in young athletes.

Parents suffering from sleepless nights—a pre-bedtime massage is good for you, too. It has the same relaxing effects to help you sleep better by balancing your body's circadian rhythm. And of course, better sleep strengthens immunity, increases productivity, decreases back pain, and prevents morning stiffness. This makes massage the perfect way to wind down after a tough day on the job. So once you put the kids to bed, enjoy some YOU time!

The beauty of owning an Infinity Massage Chair is that it can suit any family's lifestyle. Parents, kids of various ages, grandparents, and everyone in between will love the many benefits and convenience of daily home massages.

Please note: Users under the age of 14 should only use a massage chair under adult supervision.

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