Massage: Your Golf Strategy

There are all different health strategies for every sport out there. Sharpen your golf game with the power of massage, an Infinity Massage Chair to be exact. It's one of the most popular sports in the world. In fact, between 28 million and 35 million people participate in golf worldwide. The United States alone tallies 12.8 million over the age of 18 playing it at least eight times a year.

Former PGA member Jerry Impellittiere recommend massage for the game. "I went for massage initially because I had very tight muscles which were affecting my game, the deep- tissue massage I got two to three times a week worked right away, elongating my muscles and really helping with my flexibility. I would recommend massage for all golfers, as they suffer from so many different injuries which can be relieved by this means."

Deep massages should be done well before a tee time-- at least 48 hours is ideal, says Golf Digest fitness advisor Ralph Simpson. If you get one right before a round, you might be too sore to play, or your muscles won't perform optimally. Vigorous massages are designed to increase blood flow, break up adhesions and reduce rigidity in muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments. "If you're on a trip and you feel banged up after one day, get some deep-tissue work," Simpson says.

Asking golf enthusiasts, their No. 1 reason for playing golf was for the relaxation it offers. Claiming it is a incredible stress-reducer that is very addictive and fun!

Is it any wonder why they are turning to massage for help their game?

We will be at the WM Phoenix Open next week with our chairs for the pros and spectators alike to experience the difference in the most advanced massage chairs, Infinity Massage Chairs.


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