Revitalize Your Recovery: Why a Massage Gun is the Ultimate Solution for Post-Workout Pain Relief

Massage guns are one of the latest fitness trends for post workout pain and injury prevention. Massage guns help a wide range of people with an active lifestyle like an athlete who is constantly dealing with aches and pains, or person dealing with circulation problems or fibromyalgia. Percussive massage can be an alternative approach to deep-tissue massage or foam rolling. 

 What is a Massage Gun?

Pain relief that fits in the palm of your hand. A massage gun is a small handheld device that looks like a small drill. Most have a variety of attachments and speeds that can be used to target a variety of different muscle areas using percussive massage. 

How Percussive Therapy Works  

Percussive massage is also known as percussive therapy (beyond vibration therapy) and is a deeper-tissue massage technique typically used to relieve soft tissue pain with concentrated, rapid, short-duration pulses or jolts of pressure into the muscle tissues. Percussive therapy has pre-workout benefits to wake up muscles and post-workout benefits to help recover muscles. 

What are the Top Health Benefits: 

  • Fast and effective at helping to prevent DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). This can happen when you push your muscles beyond their normal limit  
  • Helps to shortens recovery time by breaking up lactic acid in the muscles 
  • Helps to increase range of motion – making muscles more flexible and less prone to strains 
  • Helps to increases blood circulation which can help minimize muscle tension and inflammation  
  • Helps to relieve muscle spasms and stiffness 
  • Helps to decrease muscle soreness by lengthening muscles and tissues 
  • Helps to break up knots, scar tissue and inflammation 

How to Use 

  • Do not hold in one spot, move it around in a small radius around the problem area to help the tense muscles relax 
  • Use on muscles, avoid nerves, bones, joints or tendons 
  • Relax — let go of tension and allow the massage gun to do its work 

What to look for in a Massage Gun 

  • Speed:
    Guns with multiple speeds make it more versatile
  • Quiet & Smooth Operation:
    The lower the decibal, the quieter the motor.  A brushless motor = smooth operation and will last longer.
  • Battery:  
    Battery life can vary. Look for a battery with at least 3 hours between charges. 
  • No Stall (high wattage gun):
    A high torque (over 20 watts) will ensure  that your device will never stall while applying pressure so it doesn’t inhibit your ability to get the benefit of the percussive massage. 
  •  Massage Depth:
    Depth, speed, and force are key to any deep muscle treatment. The depth of percussive massage — how far the massage head extends and retracts into the body with each movement is measured in amplitude (more than 10 mm is good). Like a deep-tissue massage you want more depth in your massage. More like powerful pulses and less like vibration.

Massage is so beneficial for recovery and injury prevention and a massage gun can provide the convenience and versatility to help your whole body recover faster and help you get to the next level of your fitness goals.  

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