Shape Up Your Summer Body

Relax, it's Summer, and one of the busiest seasons for most people. This is when your body needs massage the most.

Whether it’s a day at the pool or beach, hiking, biking, camping, vacations, or the stress of the workday, all of these can place a toll on your mind and body. Everyone wants to be able to enjoy all endless summertime activities, but you also have to remember to take care of your body.  

How can a daily ritual of massage help?

  • Increase mobility: Massage can help to improve your flexibility and range of motion, keeping joints more fluid for that golf tournament or weekend hike. 
  • Reduce Swelling: Massage can help reduce swelling from the summer heat by increasing the blood flow through your lymph nodes.  It's also a great way to wake up your body from sitting in a beach chair all day. 
  • Stress Relief: Massage can help in the production of the “feel good” endorphins like serotonin and dopamine.  Sometimes stressful family gatherings will be so much easier to tolerate, when you are chill.
  • Exercise Recovery: Massage can help reduce inflammation and help you feel better, while boosting muscle recovery and healing. Running on the beach or running a half marathon, massage can help you recover faster.
  • Boost Immunity: Massage can help increase the activity level of the body’s white blood cells that fight viruses. And we all know after over a year with COVID, this is still important.
  • Self Care: It’s important for your overall health to recharge your mind and body. Massage can relieve stress naturally and “you time” should be part of your daily routine. And it's easy with an Infinity Massage Chair, you can do a quick massage mid-day or a longer massage at the end of the day.

A regular massage routine can be a powerful way to help keep you at your best all summer long.

Massage helps keep you active, energized and ready to take on all summer has to bring. And with an Infinity massage chair at home, you and can recharge anytime you need it 24/7.  Find your perfect chair today!

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