Give Dad the Best This Father's Day With an Infinity Massage Chair!

Father's Day will be here before you know it (pssst, it's Sunday, June 21st) which means it's time to shop for that special guy! He's the handyman, the practice buddy for sports, the homework helper—or maybe he's better in some of those areas than others. Either way, he deserves the best of the best! He has always been there to take care of you, and now you can take care of him this Father's Day with an Infinity Massage Chair.

Massage Benefits for the Exec Dad


After stressful, busy days at the office, maybe Dad simply needs some pure relaxation. Sitting all day, every day can take a toll on the body, building up tension and negatively affecting posture. Studies have also found that men are often more likely than women to internalize their stress and worries. This leads to being tense both mentally and physically, which leads to irritability and trouble sleeping, which leads to anxiety. Dad will love coming home to a massage chair to loosen up those tight areas, soothe away the stresses of the day, and enjoy a better night's sleep.


Massage Benefits for the Active Dad


Is Dad always on the move? Yes, dads are superheroes in our eyes—but unfortunately, they're not superhuman. Even the most fit dads may experience soreness and tight muscles after workouts. Whether his job requires a great deal of physical labor, or he's simply a fitness-buff, massage can benefit any kind of active guy. Massage can be a great way to speed up recovery time between exercise routines and improve flexibility that may be limited after strength training.


Find Him the Perfect Infinity Massage Chair

Our massage chairs feature a wide range of massage techniques, so there's something for every dad's lifestyle! Call us today at 603-347-6006 and we will be happy to help you find the right chair for the most important guy in your life. You can also visit to read more about our chairs.

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