Revealed: The Infinity Riage

Infinity has unveiled the next generation of massage chairs. The challenge: "How do we take what many consider to be the best massage chairs in the industry and make them even better?" The result: The Infinity Riage.

Each Riage features new design details, enhanced engineering and state of the art massage systems. Infinity inspired designers to create the most human-like massage chair in the industry with a traditional, yet mainstream look & appeal. With luxury like a Rolls Royce, the curves and bends of every dimension of the Riage creates a powerful presence you would expect from Infinity as a result of our desire to construct the best massage chairs in the industry, in an ever changing world.

Instantly experience the longest massage stroke available, reaching areas no other massage chair can command. The patented design administers the only massage in the industry that can create a revitalized sensation to your glutes and thighs. The "Rubbing Massage" evokes the feeling of human hands, working the muscles to leave you revitalized and refreshed.

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Here are some of the numerous reviews that are pouring in to us about the Riage: 

V. Pogosyan Fresno, CA – “Great Chair”

T. Muccino  Belle Vernon, PA– “I use it almost every day, along with everyone else here in the house.”
J. Jerkins  Opelika, AL – (Bought the chair for his wife) “She is extremely happy with the chair. She enjoys every aspect of it!”

B. Bickford Moultonborough, NH – “The Riage is incomparable! Having sat in almost all the massage chairs on the market today, I can say that this chair creates an unrivaled, out of body experience owing to the rocking massage technique & the new rubbing massage capability which mimics the feeling of human hands. All massage techniques for this chair travel from the neck to the glutes! I recommend this chair to anyone interested in buying a massage chair”

C. Linker Clayton, OK – “WONDERFUL chair. I use the Extend mode every night. My boyfriend has MS and he uses the chair constantly. It has helped tremendously.”

L. Davis Attica, IN – “The preset modes are great along with the foot rollers. I am very impressed with this chair.”

A. Coulter Boca Raton, FL -  “ The Manual mode is great. I love that I can customize my own massage to fit my needs.”

A. Kras:  Kingston, NH - "I love love love the neck and back massage on the Riage.  I have chronic tension/neck shoulder pain; the rollers really seem to get right at the top of the shoulders, and it really gives a complete neck and shoulder massage.  it is a great relief for me.  The rocking feature is totally unique, and so thoroughly relaxing.  I have tested many different massage chairs, and this is by far the best massage chair experienced!"

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