What is the Best way to Relocate my Chair?


What is the best way to relocate my chair?


To relocate your massage chair, you will first need to disconnect the air hose and electrical connection from the footrest. Next, remove the legrest from the chair using the allen wrench that was included with your chair purchase. Then, from the back of the chair pull back on the backrest until the chair is lifted onto the wheels located at the bottom base of the chair. It is also recommended to have someone assist from the front by lifting the front of the chair as you pull back on the backrest for leverage.  Now tilted back and on the rear wheels you can roll the chair easily to its new location

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  • I purchased an infinity chair and they didn't leave me with the Allen wrench.
    I need it to tighten the leg bolt.  How do I go about getting one? Can you send one or can I go to the local Lowes and get one? If so let me know what to ask for. Like the size. My purchased chair is a 2017 or 2018 model.

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