IT-8100 Massage Chair Reviews

The massage chair reviews keep pouring from all over the country to about our Infinity Massage Chairs! Customers are ecstatic about their purchases and so eager & willing to share their feedback with our team. We cannot thank them enough for their reviews and want to share some with you for our Infinity IT-8100!

From sunny Bristol, Florida, Rodney claims "everyone who gets in the chair doesn't want to get out. The preset modes are spot on!" These preset modes include Relax, Refresh, Extend & Recover. All created to help your body at different times of your day as well as from the easy days to the hard ones, these presets will give your body the fix they need anytime.

Jemmy from Scottsdale, Arizona can't help put tell us how enjoyable the chair is for her. Everything about the chair represents luxury and nothing was sacrificed in the design of this chair.

In Oklahoma, William from Del City says " I cannot believe the quality of this chair especially for the price. This chair is incredible. I couldn't be happier". This chair was created to be at the most affordable of price points, yet quality was not sacrificed to achieve this. The features are the most demanded in the industry and have everyone overjoyed to take one home.


IT-8100 IT-8100


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