Chiropractors Increasing Profit Margins

Chiropractors are some of the biggest fans of Infinity Massage Chairs ever since they've seen firsthand how Infinity products can not only contriubute to their patients well-being, but also increase profit margins as massage chair dealers. Two profitable aspects for a chiropractor are: billing out the therapeutic time spent in the chair as well as recieving the reseller price point to maximize profit margins. Our dealers will agree with this Chiropractic Doctor's Statement:
“Since becoming a dealer of Infinity products, my business has increased, bringing in an incredible source of revenue.  The service their team delivers & the quality their chairs provide, have given my business a new & exciting way to better our client’s well-being while helping our company grow. We look forward to the future of our company & give a special thanks to Infinite Therapeutics for their Infinity massage chairs which have given us a new outlook on our company’s potential & profitability”.

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