Word on the Street...

All the attention is on our newest chair, the Infinity iYashi! See what all the buzz is about in the massage chair reviews below!

"Everyone who sits in it feels like they are in heaven. I'm 6'4" so the roller system compliments my height very well."- Gerar

"This is the most relaxing and soothing experience I have ever had in a massage chair!"- R. Dumont

The back heat is awesome. I sink into the chair, and start up the heat. The deep heat is just incredibly relaxing. Overall Massage is Great! -Brian R

The glute massage is incredible. the combination of that and the lower back massage provides me more relief than my therapist and chiro combined! -Seagar

I have personally have sat in 12+ different massage chairs on the market and the Iyashi is by far the ultimate massage chair! The extended massage stroke and the rubbing feature sets this chair apart from all other chairs on the market. The other feature on this chair that sold me was the space saving technology, this chair is able to be placed right up against the wall in my condo. -Michael

This chair is a Royles Royce as compares to other chairs I have tried. Everything about it just a step above, the way you sink into it, it envelopes you, the quality of the material, the deep relaxation with the compression. I always feel incredibly relaxed when I am done with a session. I love this chair! -Caroline

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