What is the Most Demanded Massage Chair Feature?

With technology creating newer and better massage chair features, it can become overwhelming with all the options and special characteristics that come with each massage chair. We have had many calls asking which feature is the most popular and demanded of them all. Our answer:


We have seen a trend with customers demanding that their massage chair must have foot rollers for reflexology. We can't blame them! Reflexology is another massage working your body along with the back and airbag massages. Many of our chairs have been designed to incorporate this feature in different ways. The chairs reflexology differ from one to the other in regards to how many foot rollers they have and the customization options they offer such as intensity & speed levels.

One chair of ours, the IT-8100, was designed to incorporate the most desirable features and functions of massage chairs at the most affordable of price points. This is a video illustrating the reflexology the IT-8100 has to offer:

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