Infinity Meets Consumers Desires

Infinity Massage Chairs takes tremendous pride in the chairs they have created. They listen to people's feedback and cater to their wants & desires. This is how the state-of-the-art Infinity iYashi's space saving technology came to be. For years the public have been wanting massage chairs, but never had the space for one. Infinity took on the challenge in finding a way for massage chairs to take up as little space as possible in the homes of consumers across the nation.

Changing the massage industry forever, the Infinity iYashi allows you to enjoy a massage in the comfort of your own home, in the most restrictive of space settings. Before the iYashi came to be, massage chairs needed between 17-22 inches from the back of the chair to the wall in order to function properly. Now, the iYashi allows you to place the chair right against the back of a wall with all functions able to operate effectivley. Watch our video to see this last technology for yourself: 

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