Reflexology Like No Other!

Infinity IT-8500 Reflexology Video

"Magical", "Brilliant", "Amazing" & "Unreal" are just some of the many words that come out of ones mouth after receiving the reflexology massage of the IT-8500. So advanced for it's time, with 3 rollers per foot, the reflexology will release all tension and stress for your feet. 

The airbags in the foot ottoman assist the rollers with swinging and compressing the foot to make sure you receive a deep tissue foot massage and all the surface area at the bottom of your feet are treated like royalty

Here is what some customers have to say:

"Love the stretch feature. Wife loves the rollers in the feet. I actually want to purchase two more."

- Mike

"We love the deep tissue massage that this chair provides and try to take advantage of the chair as much as we can. Also the foot rollers feel unbelievable."

- Adam

For more information about the IT-8500 massage chair from Infinity Massage Chairs, visit or call 603-347-6006.



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