Massage Reviews for the IT-9800

IT-9800: Talk of the town!

Our IT-9800 has customers raving, applauding the chair and its features as well as the customer service that comes with the chair forever! Praised for its luxurious appearance and more, the IT-9800 is a chair that is bound to wow the crowds!


IT-9800 IT-9800


"Wonderful chair! We use the chair everyday and would highly recommend it."

- Steve

"I was very impressed with and fell in love with your massage chair at the ODA meeting in Columbus, OH. in September. As a Dental Hygienist of 35 years, I am living proof that YOUR Massage Chair should be a basic and necessary piece of equipment in every dental office. Also, as a Massage Therapist of 14 years, I can testify to the muscle and body dysfunction that occurs in dental professionals and am passionate about spreading the message of the necessity to take better care of ourselves throughout our careers. … She (sic. sales representative) was outstanding in her knowledge and presentation of your product! I really enjoyed speaking with her about the benefits and outstanding design of the IT 9800 Massage Chair. I've been evaluating massage chairs for a long time and THIS CHAIR is the best one I have ever experienced - by far….I have told numerous colleagues about your incredible product since the ODA convention. I wish you success and happiness as you continue to share not only the physiological benefits of this chair."

- Robin T.


"This infinity it-9800 is a great chair and we can't thank you enough for being there for us, and for roviding such great service and follow up to our purchase. When we advised Dr. Weidner that the original order was damaged, by the freight company, he and Mary of infinity immediately had another chair delivered and personally followed up and to make sure all was perfect and that they had a happy customer. These are honest and honorable people who care and do what they say. Thanks."

- T Grant

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