IT-8800: When was the last time you were amazed?

The Infinity™ IT-8800 is the ultimate chair. With the most advanced programming available coupled with a groundbreaking back massage mechanism the IT-8800 has all of the features and benefits as one of the most advanced chairs in the industry.

The incredibly advanced back mechanism first automatically scans your body to customize the massage for your frame and your pressure points, giving it the unqiue ability to target specific areas of your body.  Here is a recent review on the groundbreaking IT-8800.

“Hi Troy, thanks for the analysis on the chair. You are very correct that visually the 8200 and 8800 are almost identical. But the 8800 is not the same as the 8200. It has Infinity’s most advanced back mechanism available and is only sold through the company, either direct or at trade shows. The 8800 has advanced programming, audio and back mechanism over the 8500 or 8200 and is indeed the current best featured model available. I got this information from three different people, two at the Infinite Therapeutics company and one from an owner of a massage / back therapy company in Minnesota. After personally sitting in all three chairs, I can attest that the 8800 has a HUGELY noticeably different massage experience. Feels like real hands are working that back at times.Not sure how you might use this information, or if it will prompt you to dig a little deeper as I did after reading your review. I thought they were similar too, and was also confused why I could not see the 8800 being sold at any online massage chair dealer. By the way, the only way I was able to sit in the 8800 and get the demo was because the owner of the shop has it in his office, not on the floor. Yup, he paid for it direct from Infinity. (Betting he was able to score a better deal than you or I though” 

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