Got Snow?

How much snow have you had fall so far? How is all that shoveling on your back? Many locations throughout the US have encountered a lot of snow already and there is more to come, so don't underestimate the effects of shoveling this winter!
Not only does shoveling place tremendous stress on the heart, it places an unrealized amount of stress and strain on your back. People suffer every winter from everything from basic muscle fatigue and low back strain to verbal disc damage and even spinal fractures. 
With the proper remedy of a massage, you can enjoy a safe, healthy and fun winter. Some massage chairs are even equipped with lumbar heat to help prepare the muscles for a deeper tissue massage.
The power of massage is often overlooked as a cure next to pain medications and heat pads. Massage chairs not only relieve the pain but sooth it away. The power of a massage works out the problem areas unlike pain medications and heat pads. Next time you have to shovel this winter think about a massage afterwards in the comfort of your own home.
We can help you find the right chair for you and lead to a healthy, happy winter! 



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