Stealing All the Attention

Captivating audiences and stealing all the attention, the Infinite Therapeutics booth at this years 2014 CES stole the show! A waiting line all day long, every day,  this years show had an incredible turnout and was a huge success. 
Our professional sales associates customized massage programs and numerous massage techniques to fit each individuals unique and specific massage needs & desires.  All attendees left in awe after their massages and some in shock
What shocked them? Here are some of the most popular statements we heard in response to massages in our chairs. 

"I had no idea a chair was capable of doing that!" 

"I now cannot NOT have one!" 

"This has changed how I define a massage forever" 

"Can I try it again?" 

"15 more minutes, please!"

"This would never get old"

"I could definitely get used to this" 


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