Experience the Difference

If you have experienced a massage in a massage chair before,  what did you think?

The answer to this question actually varies drastically. Many have experienced that massage chair they tried out at the Brookstone store.  Some have tried them out at doctors offices, showrooms and tradeshows. The answers vary from not liking the chair to can't live without it! Why?


IT-8500 IT-8500


Well the brand of the chair is key! Depending on what brand you sit in can make a world of difference in the experience. The market for these chairs is broader than most people think, they see the price tag of the chairs and assume they all must be similar. WRONG. Some chairs are priced the same as the highest and most prestigious chairs are! The difference in the massage experience can vary so greatly you want to make sure you are in the right chair for your money and are getting the best quality in your massage chair experience. Don't let the price tag fool you. Let our chair serve you right. Literally! We guarantee that once you sit in our brand's chairs you will feel like you HAVE to have one. Call us for more information on why our brand is the one you want and need.


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