The New World of Massage

 The Infinity fleets’ latest and greatest massage chair to date, the iYashi, is ready to take care all of your “kneads”.
The iYashi was designed to deliver more technology, more relaxation, & more rejuvenation than you ever dreamed possible in a massage. An experience we refer to as “The New World of Massage”, it encompasses ones mind, body and soul for a never before state of well-being. Breaking the boundaries of massage, iYashi incorporates technologies never before seen in the market until now.
 Its’ cutting edge design utilizes the longest massage stroke ever brought to market! The newly developed space saving track system affords you the ultimate dream massage in even the most restrictive spaces. You press a button and let the chair do the rest, with one of the most user-friendly remotes out there, it is easy to experience the massage of your dreams in The New World of Massage.
Foot rollers for relaxation, a swivel seat for spinal alignment, a 49 inch quad roller for the ultimate deep tissue massage, full-body airbag compression therapy, zero-gravity and inversion therapy along with Bluetooth technology, the iYashi is truly an industry revolutionizing massage chair. A tough massage chair to follow, no one does quite it like Infinity.  


Infinity iYashi Massage Chair Infinity iYashi Massage Chair


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