Infinity™ IT-8500

MSRP $4,995

This incredibly advanced massage chair delivers a timeless blend of technology, relaxation and aesthtics. Immerse yourself in two positions of Zero Gravity and indulge your body in the powerful therapeutic techniques. Complete with foot rollers for reflexology, a seat swivel for spinal alignment, inversion stretch for spinal decompression, heat and music features, the Infinity IT 8500 is power at your fingertips.

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"We love the deep tissue massage that this chair provides and try to take advantage of the chair as much as we can. Also the foot rollers feel unbelievable."

- Adam

"Every mode in this chair is great, but the stretch mode has helped relieve stress in my lower back."

- Patricia

"The chair is AMAZING! I am a big fan of the preset relax mode, but my husband loves the stretching feature in the extend mode."

- Tracey

"This chair has helped my back out so much even the chiropractor has noticed a significant difference in my backs health. I use it twice a day and it has become something I cannot live without. Definitely the best investment I have made."

- Brian

"Love the stretch feature. Wife loves the rollers in the feet. I actually want to purchase two more."

- Mike

"I am extremely pleased with my chair and the service from your company. There were a couple of problems in the beginning, and the company took care of it right away. I use the chair daily and love to demonstrate it to someone that hasn't seen it in action."

- Rick

Great Buy!

"Chair's great! Between the three of us in my family, I'd say it's getting used pretty much every day. It's excellent stress relief. Most amazing massage chair I have used and I have owned 3 of them! Thank you."

- Steve