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What to Look For: Massage Chair Intensity

August 27, 2015

Every massage chair buyer has unique needs and preferences, and among those is massage chair intensity. The strength of massage you are looking for is one of the most important determinations to make in the shopping process.

Different Massage Chair Strengths

The strength of a massage chair depends on the number of motors within the chair. More powerful massage chairs are built with a higher number of motors. Many high-quality chairs are now designed with adjustable strength settings. This gives you more options to increase intensity as your body grows accustomed to the massage chair, and will make your chair more beneficial in the long run.

Additionally, a lot of massage chairs come with removable padding, which provides you with another way to customize your massage strength over time. If you are a new massage chair owner and you’re still getting used to your chair’s intensity, you can place a blanket on the back to add extra padding.

Massage Chair Recommendations Based on Intensity

Are you wondering which Infinity chair will be the best massage chair for your needs? Try our recommendations below:

Power of the Infinity IT-8500


If you desire a deep tissue massage, you’ll want a stronger massage chair such as the Infinity IT-8500. Perhaps the most powerful chair in our fleet, the IT-8500 offers pressurized massage strokes from the cervical spine all the way through the lumbar region in long, continuous strokes. While it may take some time to grow accustomed to the IT-8500, you will eventually feel the benefits of:

  • improved circulation
  • decreased tension
  • healthier digestion

Gentle Relief of the Infinity IT-9800

Infinity IT-9800

The Infinity IT-9800 provides a gentle yet rejuvenating massage. This is a great massage chair for a first-time massage chair owner, as well as someone who is simply looking for an overall lighter massage. In fact, this chair is even comfortable enough to sleep in! One buyer said:

“By far the best massage chair on the market. All leather, comfortable enough to sleep in, economical—saves you the money and time from trips to the masseuse. The IT-9800 relieves back pain and fatigue. Relaxing!” – D. Kashlak

Users will enjoy relief from the IT-9800’s inversion therapy, which provides therapeutic spinal decompression as your lower extremities are raised above the heart. This soothing massage chair offers the following massage techniques:

  • Shiatsu
  • Swedish
  • Rolling
  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Swing
  • Vibration

Do you still have questions about massage chair intensity? Call our knowledgeable sales professionals today at 603-347-6006! You can also learn more about other Infinity Massage Chairs on our site.

Massage Chair Relief to Open New California Showroom

August 18, 2015

Massage Chair Relief logo

Massage Chair Relief owner Dr. Alan Weidner recently announced that there will be a second Massage Chair Relief showroom opening in Southern California. Massage Chair Relief is an authorized Infinity Massage Chairs dealer headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT.

Dr. Weidner has yet to announce the exact opening date for the new showroom, but he estimates it will start welcoming customers toward the end of September or beginning of October. It will be located in the Cerritos Village shopping center of Cerritos, CA. He did say, however, that the remodel on their new storefront began this week.

New Massage Chair Relief Storefront

Site of the new Massage Chair Relief showroom location

Additionally, Dr. Weidner emphasized the charming residential neighborhood in which Cerritos Village is situated. It even offers easy access from all surrounding freeways, primarily the 605, I-5, and 91 at the southern end of Los Angeles County—the perfect spot for any customers interested in Infinity Massage Chairs on the West Coast!

We are excited to share that Dr. Weidner will feature two Infinity Massage Chairs upon the opening of his new store, specifically the IT-8500 and the Iyashi. Our chairs will be among several other reputable brands in the showroom, which Dr. Weidner states is even larger than his showroom in Salt Lake City.

To get updates about the new store, check in with Massage Chair Relief and Dr. Weidner’s blog. For now, you can always visit his Salt Lake City showroom if you’re in the area. And if you have questions about a certain Infinity massage chair, Dr. Weidner is always happy to help!

Infinity IT-8500 Deep Tissue Massage Demonstrated

August 13, 2015

Are you looking for the ultimate deep tissue massage? Look no further than the Infinity IT-8500 massage chair! Its unrivaled deep tissue massage is one of the main reasons the IT-8500 is our most popular massage chair. Watch our latest video to learn more!

As always, please feel free to contact one of our friendly Infinity sale representatives with any additional questions at 603-347-6006! You can also read more about the Infinity IT-8500 on our site.

Can I Find a Massage Chair If I am Overweight?

August 11, 2015

This is a question we are asked often, and there is perhaps no direct answer. At Infinity Massage Chairs, we understand that there are people of all shapes and sizes who each want something different from their massage chair. We do our best to cater to a variety of massage chair users, however, so check out a few of our best massage chairs for larger sizes.

Infinity IT-9800

Infinity IT-9800

The Infinity IT-9800 has the largest maximum weight capacity of all our chairs at 350 lbs. This chair also boasts a spacious seat and wide frame that is bigger than most, so it can handle larger body types comfortably. The IT-9800’s body scan technology can also detect your height and position in the chair to deliver a customized massage. An added bonus of the IT-9800 is its attractive leather upholstery, which allows it to fit in seamlessly with any living room décor.


Infinity IT-8100

Infinity IT-8100

For the broad-shouldered individual in search of a quality full-body massage, the IT-8100 is a great option. Full-body airbags may sound nice, but for those with broad shoulders, they can often be more restrictive than anything else. Because the IT-8100 does not have shoulder airbags, it is more comfortable for many with wide shoulders. The IT-8100 still offers airbags for the neck, arms, glutes, hips, and feet for that head-to-toe massage. It also has a fairly large maximum weight capacity of 265 lbs. And with its sleek combination of leather upholstery and strong plastic shell, the Infinity IT-8100 blends easily with the rest of your furniture.


Infinity Iyashi

Infinity Iyashi

The unique Iyashi is another great option for larger individuals, as its maximum weight capacity is 285 lbs. This chair offers a roomy seat and a 49-inch-long L-track that will massage from your neck all the way down to your glutes. Even taller and broader individuals will feel the full effects of the Iyashi’s massage. And while the Iyashi may be a big chair, you won’t have to worry about fitting it into tight spaces thanks to its space-saving track system. You can proudly display your Iyashi in your living room because of its sophisticated and modern design.

If you have more questions about these Infinity Massage Chairs or any others in our fleet, give us a call at 603-347-6006 or visit us at We will work with you to get you in the massage chair that is most comfortable for you!

So You Can’t Take a Summer Getaway?

August 6, 2015

With this unrelenting summer heat, it’s often too hot to leave the house or even go for a summer stroll. Perhaps you can’t get away for your summer vacation this year because of a tough work schedule or time constraints. So how do you relax? Create your own summer paradise with an Infinity Massage Chair!

IT-8500 Brown

Relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul as you sit blissfully in the peace and comfort of your own home. Each of our massage chairs is unique, some even featuring Bluetooth capability—so you can listen to your own tunes. You’ll feel as though you’re enjoying a massage from a professional under a cabana along a tropical island shore. That’s because Infinity Massage Chairs are designed to simulate human touch, offering a life-like experience with every massage.

Even when you can’t manage to escape from it all, you can find your happy place with your luxury massage chair from Infinity. You can even order White Glove assembly service and have your chair completely set up and ready to go as soon as it’s delivered. Visit us online at to learn more about our products, or call us today at 603-347-6006 to speak with one of our friendly sales professionals.

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