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When to use Which Auto Program…

March 28, 2014

Check out our video covering the incredibly popular 4 automated programs, Refresh, Recover, Extend & Relax, of the Infinity IT-8500! Discover which program is best to use when! 

4 Auto Programs of the IT-8500

For more information regarding the Infinity IT-8500 give us a call at 603-347-6006. 

Here is what past customers have to say about the programs:

“Every mode in this chair is great, but the stretch mode has helped relieve stress in my lower back.”

– Patricia

“The chair is AMAZING! I am a big fan of the preset relax mode, but my husband loves the stretching feature in the extend mode.”

– Tracey

“Love the stretch feature. Wife loves the rollers in the feet. I actually want to purchase two more.”

– Mike

Leave Your Stress Behind…

March 25, 2014

Need an escape from the stress life brings? 

No need to take a vacation or road trip to escape the stress when you can simply escape it in the comfort of your own home. With a massage chair at home, you can instantly go to your happy place whenever you want, however you want. 

That is the beauty of owning a massage chair, you are investing in yourself, your health, your well-being. You chose how, when, where any day. Customization is at your command, your relief is at your discretion. 

Sink into a chair and let the relaxing sounds of the ocean draw you in, let the heat loosen up your muscles as the rollers knead out all the hardships of your day. The airbags compress out all the tension and sink you deeper and deeper into your oasis. 

Let Infinity take care of  you, begin your journey to relaxation and leave the stress behind by calling:



Infinity IT-8500 Remote Video

March 21, 2014

Infinity IT-8500 Remote Control Video

Discover how user-friendly a massage chair remote can be with so many customizable options to choose from. Our most popular massage chair, the 8500 impresses the masses and receives the best reviews.  Experience, indulge and relax in the Infinity IT-8500.



All the Rage in Massage Chairs!

March 18, 2014

The Infinity™ IT-8800 is the ultimate chair.



With the most advanced programming available coupled with a groundbreaking back massage mechanism the IT-8800 has all of the features and benefits of the Inada™ Dreamwave™ for less than 1/2 the price. The most advanced and comprehensive chair on the market this innovative powerhouse machine is designed to offer state of the art features and techniques that set it apart from the rest. Offering the ultimate customizable & targeted massage, equipped with music, lumbar heat, body scan sensors, state of the art foot rollers, spinal correction & decompression, the list only continues. Feel the difference that only the IT-8800 can deliver. One of the most reviews of any of our chairs:

The chair is amazing! The preset recovery mode is my favorite because of the intensity.”

– Bernard

“The relax mode is great in preparing me for bed. I absolutely love the chair, I could not be happier with my purchase. I use the recovery mode after traveling because of its deep tissue relief it provides in my neck and back.”

– Karrie

“Extend mode is my favorite mode but I love pin pointing the massage on my neck to relieve tension. This chair was well worth the money.”

– Richard

“The foot rollers feel great!”

– Angelina

“The manual shiatsu mode provides me with just the right intensity in just the right spots.”

– Dan

“I love the refresh mode. I let everybody, who comes over, sit in this chair and I have never had a bad complaint.”

– Betty

“My whole family loves the chair and we are extremely happy with our purchase. This chair provides an excellent deep tissue massage.”

– Sandra

“Don’t use it as much as I would like because I am traveling a lot, but the chair is great for when I arrive back home.”

– Sharon

“The chair is wonderful. I either hit the relax or extend button and let the chair do the rest. It’s so simple.”

– Dan

“Zero regrets buying this chair. I use it 2 to 3 times a day it is absolutely incredible. The programming on the chair is great, depending on how my body is feeling at the moment I can choose a specific setting on the remote for maximum rejuvenation.”

– James

“Chair’s been great. I especially like the recovery mode, it provides a very deep massage to my neck region.”

– Steve

Love it!

“Love it Love it Love it!!!!! It does everything except cook for me LOL. Thanks Again”

– Chrissy

Excellent choice!!!

“This chair is as advertised. Many family members have enjoyed the benefits this chair provides. We figure 60 massages will put us in the black as compared to going to a therapist. We love it!!!”

– jagfar


“I LOVE this chair. It is so relaxing that I find myself sighing throughout the entire experience. I have been an insomniac all of my life and have gone from sleeping 3-4 hrs a night to as much as 8 1/2 hrs! I find myself smiling after leaving the chair and for a while afterwards. The rollers are sometimes too intense for me, but I have found that putting a small, folded blanket on the chair makes the pressure just right. The only thing that I would find as an “improvement” is the ability to specify certain areas to be worked on. And I think the instruction booklet could be a bit more thorough.”

– Andy


“The chair is AWESOME! We all love the RELAX mode. It’s just an absolute treat for everyone that experiences it. The foot & leg massage is a really great addition to the massage experience. Between the youtube video and the manual, my father was able to assemble the chair without any issues. I’m still learning and experimenting with the options but I’m very happy with the purchase.”

– Di


“My chair arrived on time, in perfet condition…My son assembled it with no problems and I am loving it every day. I have fibromyalgia really bad and arthritis and it has worked wonders for the pain I experience daily. I would give the chair a 15++ grade on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the best) and would recommend it to every one for any reason – even just to relax. I LOVE it.”

– Sharon W.


“Fast shipping and when chair arrived the boxes where in perfect condition!”

– A. Weber

“We cannot wait to get the chair. I did not tell you that I had neck pain for a week and your chair did do a great… It was the first time that my wife said wow after testing a massage chair…”

– A. Vo

An Investment that Always Gives Back

March 14, 2014

What is the most generous & giving investment for your dollar today? It gives back every time providing you with the best satisfaction you could have asked back for. 

Massage Chairs

Three major reasons to invest in a massage chair are for the health benefits, features and the cost. 

  • Health Benefits
    • As with any form of massage, a massage chair can offer a plethora of health benefits. Improved blood circulation is one of the main advantages, especially for elderly people who can find great relief from increased blood circulation.
    • The muscles will become more supple and relaxed, with stiffness, aches and pains becoming lessened as you get massaged, sitting in comfort. The benefits of a massage chair really come into it’s own after exercising, as the increased blood flow will help to flush the lactic acid from the muscles, hastening recovery times.
    • Blood pressure in turn can be reduced and overall well-being increased, which is a benefit for your mental as well as physical health.
    • A major advantage of having your own massage chair is the ability to have a massage in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Some people may feel a little self-conscious about getting a massage from a stranger, especially if they have to remove some of their clothes in the process. This is a perfect solution that gives complete flexibility, meaning you can feel completely relaxed and comfortable in the comfort of your own home.
  • Features
    • One of the best features about massage chairs is the ability to completely customized  to your own personal requirements.  The better quality chairs have the ability to knead the neck, shoulders, back and even all the way down the legs. This means that specific areas can be targeted either on their own or in conjunction with other areas.
    • Some of the chairs also have the ability to warm you as you get massaged, using heating elements much the same as the ones used in car seats. This can make the overall massage experience more enjoyable and effective, especially for those living in colder climates.
    • Different styles of massage can also be programmed into the chairs, making them even more beneficial. Two of the most popular styles are Shiatsu and Swedish massage, which offers different techniques for very different ailments. Swedish massage, for example, is generally more kneading and firmer on the muscles than Shiatsu.
  • Cost
    • Although the initial costs of purchasing a massage chair can be high, when compared to the costs of having a massage from a professional masseuse on a regular basis, the chair can pay for itself in under a year.  These can cost thousands of dollars, but should last many years and offer you thousands of high quality massages.

IT-9800IT-7800 IT-8100IT-8500IT-8500iYashiiYashiIT-7800IT-7800IT-8800IT-8800


Let Us Take Care of You

March 5, 2014

Infinite Therapeutics wants you to experience luxury in all aspects of doing business not just when enjoying your massage. From product questions and purchases to technical-realted questions and more, we take pride in our customer service from end to end. We are here for you before your purchase and forever afterwards to help assist you with anything you may need from us. 

Our Sales Professionals are professionals for a reason, their extensive training program prepares them for any and all questions you may have. From product questions, to healthcare questions. They know the ins and outs to the chairs, competitors chairs and the many health benefits a massage chair can provide. 

Let them help find the right chair for your needs, 603-642-9291

Feel Better at Work

March 1, 2014

Feel better at work is one of our Infinity chairs. Employer? Give your employees the wellness program they will praise you every day for having. Employee? take a break and alleviate pain, reduce stress and fell better overall so you have more energy to perform your best on the job. 

Workplace use of Infinity chairs will assist in reducing employees stress, boost their productivity and morale and enhance employer recruitment and retention practices. Have a healthier workplace for your company. 

Find the right Infinity chair that fits your companies needs best at or call us at 603-642-9291

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