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A Nation Under Stress

December 17, 2013

If you need to de-stress, you could add some massage to your life — or move to Hawaii. No surprise that’s the least stressful place to live in the USA! The annual Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index tracks the stress levels of Americans living in all 50 states. Over 350,000 people were interviewed over the course of a year and were asked to answer the question: “Did you feel stressed during a lot of the day yesterday?”

Time Magazine reported the top 5 states with the highest levels of stress:

1. West Virginia

2. Rhode Island

3. Kentucky

4. Utah

5. Massachusetts

If you are from one of these 5 states we suggest you look into purchasing what could be the best buy you ever made, a massage chair. We are conveniently located close to two if the 5 states in Southern NH! Come by and visit our corporate office of Infinity Massage Chairs and see what stress can be taken away by these chairs! Contact Us for more information! 

10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2013

December 13, 2013

Who needs a massage chair most in the year 2013? We have a list of the 10 most stressful jobs of the past year. If your occupation is on the list we highly encourage you to call us at 603-347-6006 to find out more about how your well-being and stress levels can be uplifted by our most advanced massage chairs. 

  1. Enlisted Military Personel
  2. Military Personnel
  3. Firefighter
  4. Commercial Airline Pilot
  5. Public Relations Executive
  6. Senior Corporate Executive
  7. Photojournalist
  8. Newspaper Reporter
  9. Taxi Driver
  10. Police Officer

To see the details and reasoning behind this study visit CareerCast

No Worries, We’ve got your back!

December 11, 2013

No worries we’ve got your back, and your arms, legs, neck, shoulders, hands, feet…

Let our chairs tend to your bodies needs. Sit back, relax and let the chair do the talking. Our Infinity chairs are designed with one thing in mind…YOU! They are created to relieve the greatest amount of stress and promote the most relaxation.

Don’t sweat a thing, these chairs are the top chairs in the industry! You are in great hands, Infinity Massage Chairs have all the features you could dream of in a massage chair and plenty more. Call us for more information our infamous massage chairs. 


Infinite Therapeutics 5 Star Team

Infinite Therapeutics 5 Star Team

Anything Good Must be Fattening Right? WRONG!

December 9, 2013

Scientists now confirm what massage therapists have always known: massage can be a powerful and effective weight-loss tool. By improving your body’s resilience, aiding muscle nutrition and flexibility, and supporting your mental and emotional well-being, massage can take your weight-loss plan to a whole new level. 

Losing weight isn’t easy. Thankfully, it’s simple to incorporate massage into the healthy lifestyle you’re building. With a massage chair in the convenience of your own home you can promote your well-being whenever you desire, for as long as you would like, all at the power of your own fingertips! Knowing this relaxation is helping promote weight-loss is a major breakthrough! 

While it’s easy to overlook your emotional health when planning a new diet and exercise regimen, it’s the primary factor determining your weight-loss success. Along the path to fitness, the role of massage in supporting your mental and emotional health may be a critical component. Massage is a calorie-free reward; a way to treat yourself without guilt.

Infinity Massage Chairs are designed to help promote your well-being by bringing the most customizable and technologically advanced features to your massage. Many features such as the swivel seat promote spinal coorection. The longest massage stroke on the iYashi chair works a massage from your neck to your gluts! Foot rollers for reflexology, zero gravity positions for spinal decompression and more just some of the numerous options incorporated in Infinity Massage Chairs. Improving your health will generate weight-loss in more ways that you thought possible. 



Call us to speak with the professionals at Infinity Massage Chairs to get your health on track and your weight-loss to a whole new level. 603-347-6006 

Experience the Difference

December 6, 2013

If you have experienced a massage in a massage chair before,  what did you think?

The answer to this question actually varies drastically. Many have experienced that massage chair they tried out at the Brookstone store.  Some have tried them out at doctors offices, showrooms and tradeshows. The answers vary from not liking the chair to can’t live without it! Why?



Well the brand of the chair is key! Depending on what brand you sit in can make a world of difference in the experience. The market for these chairs is broader than most people think, they see the price tag of the chairs and assume they all must be similar. WRONG. Some chairs are priced the same as the highest and most prestigious chairs are! The difference in the massage experience can vary so greatly you want to make sure you are in the right chair for your money and are getting the best quality in your massage chair experience. Don’t let the price tag fool you. Let our chair serve you right. Literally! We guarantee that once you sit in our brand’s chairs you will feel like you HAVE to have one. Call us for more information on why our brand is the one you want and need.


Cyber Monday is HERE!

December 2, 2013

The busiest day for shopping online for the hottest deals is finally here! Cyber Monday is expected to Black Friday sales this year. Check out this interesting article on the Huffington Post regarding the biggest shopping days of the year!

Why is a massage chair the best gift for the holidays? When thinking about the best gift for a loved one, you want a gift they can enjoy time and time again. That gift that keeps on giving. Each time they enjoy that gift, you will be the first thing that comes to mind. “What a great gift my husband gave me, What an amazing gift my best friend thought of, etc.” A gift that has the capability of leaving that lasting impression over and over again is surely the one they can never forget. Every time they sit in that chair they will be rewarded with an incredible massage, a gift after gift after gift.

Contact us today for information regarding the top massage chair brand in the industry and where you can get the best deals on our chairs!

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